How Fashion e-commerce retailer Nelly is leveraging 3D models on their e-commerce

This is a blog in a series telling the Fibbl-story of well-known fashion brands and how they are leveraging 3D models in their e-commerce. You can find the first blog here.

Nelly is a pioneer in providing fashion brands over the internet. They have several “firsts” to their e-commerce resume, including working with influencers. To continue the success story, Nelly is now implementing photorealistic 3D models. The driving force behind this initiative was both the obvious need to reduce returns, but also to maintain its position as a leading fashion e-commerce vendor, providing new and innovative user experiences. Using photorealistic 3D models is helping them achieve both goals.

Today Nelly has 130 products implemented on their e-commerce site. They are leveraging both the 3D model product images capabilities and the AR-functionality.

Using the Fibbl plattform, you have easy access to probably the world's largest database of fashion product 3D-models. The platform allows you to search products, add products to your account and toggle-on the models you choose to have active on your e-commerce site. When activating a product you can choose one or all of our different technology options: Interactive 3D models, AR product images, AR-viewer and Virtual Try-On. You only pay for models toggled-on - 1€ per model and month.

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