What we do

Fibbl helps brands and online retailers to leverage the power of 3D and Augmented Reality in e-commerce.

Our Story

According to market research, the use of 3D models and augmented reality (AR) in e-commerce leads to a massive rise in conversions and unparalleled reduction in returns. Yet, few brands or retailers are embracing this opportunity.

We asked ourselves why.

The simple answer is the cost of producing 3D models and the lack of market maturity. But when you add in the complexity created by competing technologies, formats, and methods, the obstacles facing brands looking to deploy photorealistic 3D content across their sales channels, retailers, and marketing platforms become overwhelming.

That’s why we started Fibbl.

To leverage the potential of 3D and AR at scale, Fibbl manages the technological complexities across distribution networks. Funneling the opportunity that 3D models offer and pulverizing the cost across brands, retailers, marketing agencies, and others who benefit from higher conversion rates and fewer returns.

Our pricing strategy: 1€ per product per month — making it available and affordable. That’s Fibbl!

Our Team

Joakim Tennfors

Head of production

Johan Bertilsson


Henrik Arlestig

CEO & Co-founder

What we do

We industrialize the task of 3D-model capturing of retail goods, such as shoes, glasses, and bags. We have also developed a state-of-the-art process, leveraging the latest technologies, to produce photorealistic 3D models in appropriate formats, serving relevant applications in the e-commerce and marketing context.


We provide these models by a SaaS platform, with a hassle-free integration into e-commerce solutions, and use for marketing contexts for both brands, retailers, and marketing agencies.


With these components we can also offer our customers unparalleled access to data sets relating to the performance of product and product categories, helping brands and e-commerce to better optimize their business based on consumer behavior.


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