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Fibbl is the world's first cost-effective end-to-end solution for 3D and AR focused visual marketing. Integrate 3D & AR into your e-commerce and marketing in minutes.
Market leading brands and online retailers are using Fibbl
Fibbl for e-commerce

Boost conversion, fight returns

Transform your e-commerce experience from a 2D image catalog to an interactive 3D experience. Fibbl provides technologies that enable your customers to twist and turn, explore and try products as in real life.

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The effects of 3D and AR for e-commerce


Longer customer


conversion rate


return rate
Fibbl for marketing

Skyrocket your ROAS

Unlock new marketing opportunities and cut through the noise with immersive advertising experiences. Fibbl provides technologies that enable your customers to explore and try products directly in your marketing channels.

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The effects of 3D and AR for e-commerce


average engagement time


increased click-through rate


lower cost per order

Integrates with your existing e-commerce and marketing stack

By using proven methods and adhering to web and app standards, Fibbl can be integrated anywhere.

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The new standard

The world of e-commerce is shifting to 3D first. Tap into the world's largest database of fashion 3D models today.

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The effects of 3D and AR for e-commerce







Browse a selection of photorealistic 3D models from leading brands.

They are using Fibbl

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Messy Weekend

"Fibbl has become a great partner and a big part of our strategy in 2022. The numbers speak for themselves. Conversion rate, bounce rate, and return rate are significantly improved when the try-on is involved. We are looking forward to growing together in the future".

Christine Reil

Director of e-commerce

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"We’re happy that we can give our customers extra value with 360 and AR product pictures which also is decreasing the return rates since customers have a much better and more realistic overview of the products. It’s really good to work with the Fibbl team – people are open-minded and creative".

Linda Lepassalu

Digital Marketing Manager

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"Testing new technologies and exploring new tools for improved customer experience is pivotal for us. Fibbl is an interesting solution with an easy setup".

Erik Thyrelius

Managing Director

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1€ per product/month
No startup fee
No notice period

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Unlock Fibbl for E-commerce

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Automatic product matching
Powerful algorithm that automatically match your products with models from the database.
Styling & customization
Customize and style the integration however you prefer, the embed script is flexible.
Google Analytics
Integration to Google Analytics so you can track the performance of Fibbl technologies.
Multi-market support
The script and its language components are available in all languages.
Page load optimization
The script is optimized and compressed to have minimal impact on the website's performance.
For all devices
Fibbl automatically optimizes the experiences based on the end-users device and browser.